VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor Review 2018

VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor Review 2018

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Are you searching the best air compressor in the market which is able to give better performance? Want to get an air compressor which is made of durable steel and the weight is very low? Let me introduce with the VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor. This air compressor will help you to inflate a car tire within a short time. As VIAAIR is a popular brand, they always try to keep the best quality. As a result, it has got a lot of positive feedbacks. Here I am going to give an honest review about the product.

Key Features of VIAIR 450P Portable Compressor:


The best part customers love about the product is the portability. The weight of the VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor is only 15.4 pounds. The dimension of the compressor is 12.5 x 7.2 x 6 inches. That is why it easily accommodate in a car trunk or in a small space. Because of the lightweight, it is easy to carry to different job sites with one hand. Even a child can carry the compressor from one place to another. You can go for the product without any doubt if you are a lightweight compressor lover. Want to carry the compressor with less effort? There is a bag included with the compressor to carry it with more comfort.

Power Source:

The main power source of the compressor is 12 VOLT motor. The main part of an air compressor is the pressure. You can stay secure about this feature. The maximum pressure of this VIAIR 450P is 150 PSI. The CFM rating of the compressor is 0.94 at 100 PSI. This VIAIR 450P is able to air up 37″ x 12.5″ tires from 15 to 30 PSI within five minutes. If you want to air up a 35″ x 12.5″ tire, it takes seven minutes from 0-30 PSI. The best part I love about the compressor is, you can use the compressor continuously without cooling down it for up to 40 minutes. There are dual battery clamps with 40-amp inline fuse for perfect power.

Compressor Duty Circle:

The term Compressor duty cycle indicates to the definite time-duration that a compressor is able to operate within a given amount of time period, when the pressure level is 100 PSI and ambient temperature level is about 72°F (standard). Usually, the Compressor Duty Cycle indicators are expressed through percentiles. It appears as, the compressor on time (the compressor on time + off time)%.

For example, if the compressor is rated with 25% duty cycle then it means that the compressor is able to operate for continuous 10-minute then it takes a 30-minute break at: 100 PSI @ 72°F. Now the counting stands as follows: 10 min. on / (10 min. on + 30 Min. off) = 10 min. / 40 Min = 25% compressor duty cycle.

Tire Fill Rates:

 Level of Pressure
Tire Size:
31 x 10.5 inch
Tire Size:
33 x 12.5 inch
Tire Size:
35 x 12.5 inch
Tire Size:
37 x 12.5 inch
0 to 30 PSI
Time: 4 min. 05 sec.
Time: 5 min. 30 sec
Time: 6 min. 55 sec.
Time: 7 min. 56 sec.
15 to 30 PSI
Time: 2 min. 10 sec.
Time: 2 min. 50 sec.
Time: 3 min. 30 sec.
Time: 4 min. 09 sec.

Ease of Use:

Are you the person who don’t love tools which are complicated to use? Then the VIAIR 450P Automatic function air compressor is highly recommended for you. This is one of the models which is easy to use. Want to air up a tire? Just use the inflation gun for your task. The Quick connect inflation hose and the tire inflation gun help the user to do any airing task within a short time. There is an automatic shut-off function on the air compressor. This feature makes sure that this compressor is not occurring any power damages. The carry bag allows the user to carry it without any hassle and the anti-vibration tray help the user to do the job with perfection.

Necessary Accessories:

When you are buying an air compressor, you also need a lot of small kits to operate the compressor for the maximum output. Most of the air compressors do not come with those kits. The user has to buy separately those toolkits. But thanks to the VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor. This air compressor has come with three-piece inflation tips kit, a 25 ft extension hose, an inline fuse holder, a heavy-duty sand tray, and vibration-resistant diamond plate sand tray for the perfect airing jobs. The motor of the compressor makes less noise which gives the user a calm and quiet environment. Check out the following list to have a better idea.

What Comes inside the Box:

  • VIAIR 450P model portable air compressor: 1 set
  • Deluxe zippered carrying bag with multi storage compartment: 1 set
  • Gas station style inflation gun with 200 PSI air pressure gauge: 1 set
  • 25 feet extension air hose with quick connector coupler & lever chuck: 1 set
  • Heavy duty sand tray with vibration isolators: 1 set
  • Dual heavy duty direct battery clamps: 1 set
  • 8 feet power cable: 1 pc
  • 3-pc inflation tips kit: 1 set
  • Inline fuse holder: 1 pc
  • User manual


Who doesn’t love a durable product? Every person loves an air compressor which is durable. Currently, this VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor is one of the most durable air compressors in the market. This is the model which has made by the manufacturer for the long run. The best thing about the 450P is it is a 100% duty cycle air compressor. The air gun of the compressor is gas station styled which is able to give the best performance for years and years. They are very effective for a variety of airing tasks, as for example filling up tires, giddy pools, rugby balls etc.

Brand Reputation:

VIAIR Corporation is one of the pioneer manufacturing companies who produce complete series of air compressors as well as air accessories. Their high-end air compressors can be used to operate range of air pneumatic tasks. The VIAIR tools are applied in diverse sectors, such as, OEM segment, Sport Air Suspension, etc. Furthermore, VIAIR products has acquired industry level standard for both of the 12 V and 24 V automotive applications. What is more, the VIAIR compressors can be operated even in the adverse climates which brought the brand huge reputation worldwide.

Here is a Video Review on VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Need: 12-Volt
  • Motor Type: Permanent Magnetic Motor
  • Product Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
  • Maximum Working Pressure Level: 150 PSI
  • Maximum Amp Draw Level: 20 Amps
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature Level: 158°F
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: -40°F
  • CFM at 0 PSI: 1.66
  • CFM at 100 PSI: 0.94
  • Built-in Pressure Switch Level: ON at 120 PSI on; OFF at 145 PSI
  • Fuse: 30 Amps
  • Automatic Reset Thermal Protective System: Yes
  • Ingress Protection Ratings: IP54
  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.2 x 6.0 (inches)
  • Product Net Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Power Cord Length: 8 feet
  • Air Hose Length: 25 feet.


  • Most durable air compressor in the category of the portable air compressor.
  • 1.80 CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI.
  • Maximum pressure of the compressor is 150 PSI.
  • Easy to read the pressure in the included meter in the hose.
  • Quick connect to inflation gun for quickest airing up.
  • Included a carry bag.
  • Oil-less Design, so needs low maintenance of the compressor.
  • Convenient automatic time and power-saving feature for the best output.
  • Automatic shutoff functions for the long life of the compressor.
  • 1-year limited warranty is available on the product.


  • Though the air compressor has come with a lot of unique features and able to give the better performance, the price is not affordable for general people.
  • If you compare with some other high-priced products, the noise level of the compressor is a little bit high.


Finally, I want to say that you can go for this portable air compressor. Most of the customers of the product have given the five-star rating to the product. It is easy to use and flexible. Any new user of air compressor also can use it with a few instructions. Hope this VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor Review was helpful. Feel free to share with your friends who would love the review.

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