Powerall SUPREME 600A Portable 16,000 mAh Lithium V4 V6 V8 Power Bank and Jump Starter Review 2019

Powerall SUPREME 600A Portable 16,000 mAh Lithium V4 V6 V8 Power Bank and Jump Starter Review 2019

Imagine a situation you are stuck on the roadside with a dead car, but can’t afford to get it towed. You will certainly feel bad because someone always has to come “save” you, so you need another option. You can buy a car jump starter with an efficient battery to jump start your vehicle in the emergency situations. Here is PowerAll Jump Starter Portable.

This portable unit comes with a bunch of features under an economic range. Here goes the main features, technical specs, pros and cons of PowerAll PBJS16000-R Rosso Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter.


Powerall SUPREME 600A Portable 16,000 mAh Lithium V4 V6 V8 Car Jump Starter with Power Bank, LED Flashlight and Carrying Case

Features of PowerAll Jump Starter & Power Bank:

Powerful Jump Starter:

This user-friendly emergency car jumper features a high-powered lithium-Ion battery with 16000mAh capacity. It is bestowed with about 600 amperage Peak jumping power that can invigorate a 7-liter gas engine on the spur of moment. Whether you have a 4/6/8-cylinder vehicle, this PowerAll 600 Peak Jump Starter is efficient to provide efficient jumpstart to these vehicles. It is strong enough to give as many as 20 car-jumps with a fully charged battery.

Adding to this, during harsh cold weather, this portable jump starter can boost your car battery with great efficiency. So, you can carry this smart compact battery jump starter during short or long distance journey in any weather situation.

Exclusive Sleep Mode:

Not all jump starters and power banks available in the market does offer such an exclusive and intelligent feature. A sleep mode is a low-energy state in which it will pause its normal operation as much as it can and consumes only enough power to maintain.

In PowerAll Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter this “sleep mode” option aims to save energy. This mode will turn off power when devices are fully charged to preserve the battery.

Multi-Device Rechargeable Power Bank:

It is needless to say, we often take a bunch of electronic devices when travelling far from home and some of the needs charging after a period. And thereafter, it becomes essential to carry extra chargers, which enhances the bulk of the luggage. However, if you have PowerAll Supreme, then the case may be different. Why?

This car jumper bears two USB ports.  Each of them features 5-volt 2.1 Amperage power output. It’s high-efficient lithium battery can serve up to 16000mAh power bank to charge your smartphone, MP3 player, Camera, GPS unit or tablet. However, it is recommended to lower the charging output to 2A, when both USB ports of Powerall jump starter are in use together.

Emergency Lighting Tool:

Nobody knows, when an emergency comes. Thanks to PowerAll PBJS16000R car jumper for it’s LED flashlight with a range of illumination modes. You can choose the Solid On, or Strobe, or SOS Flash mode for working under the car-hood or outdoor space. The presence of bright flashlight will make your task easier and perfect. Furthermore, the SOS flash can operate as long as 120-hour, which is no less than a life-saving tool on an emergency situation outdoor.

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Clever Integrated Safety Options:

Though the accidents happen accidentally, we should take precautions to avoid such unwanted haps. PowerAll Jump Starter PBJS32000R comes with a cleverly designed built-in safety protection system. It has five type safety features. Those are as follows.

  • Protection from Overcurrent:

When the electric current exceeds the safety level, the system disconnects the power supply in an automatic way. This safety option aims to protect the system from fire due to circuit damage.

  • Protection from Short-circuit:

If there is any possibility of electric short circuit in the jumper cable, battery or charging devices, the system will disconnect the flow of power. It saves the jump starter and accessories from further damage.

  • Protection from Battery-overload:

PowerAll car jumper offers voltage back-feed safety protection. When the car jump starter is set for charging, the system can monitor the charging status. Even, it offers safety, when the user forgets to remove this Powerall jump starter from the car-battery. It’s system will take an auto-shut off, when the charge is full. Thus, it’s well-planned safety system prevents possible damages from battery-overload issues.

  • Protection from Over-charge:

The system can also check the overcharging in the devices, like smartphone, camera or tablet, etc. for the same reason, mentioned earlier.

  • Protection from Voltage-anomaly:

Both the excessively high and low voltage can hamper the functionality of the car jumper as well as the connected devices. The system can effectively detect voltage anomaly and keep the output in a stabilized mode.

Accessory Kit:

This kit presents a user-friendly carrying box that systematically contains all the accessories in suitable pockets. The accessories include, one main cable for USB adapter; adapter plugs in different sizes; two portable car jumping cables; one AC & DC for recharging the car jumper indoor or outdoor.

Compact & Easy-to-Store:

PowerAll Power Jump Starter offers you a great relief from the traditional heavy jump starter units, which needs a great space to store and considerable energy to move. PowerAll car jumper model is portable and lightweight. All of it’s accessories comes with an easy-to-carry case. Unlike the usual bulky car jumpers, this jumping unit is easy to store.

You can keep it in the trunk of your car. It’s sleek design allows you to place it in a smaller place, like the glove compartment or even in your pocket. An amazing thing is, Powerall jump starter can be stored for as long as six-months period to charge a vehicle effectively, if it has enough charge left.

PowerAll Jump Starter Technical Specs:

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 2.3 (inch).
  • Product Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Battery Type (Chemistry): Lithium-Ion.
  • Battery Capacity: 16,000 mAmp-hour.
  • Peak Jump Starting Current: 600-amp.
  • Capacity in Watt Hours (Wh) : 59.2Watt-hour.
  • Jumpstarting Capacity: 7.0L Engine.
  • Jumpstarting Capacity (Vehicles Type): 12 Volt (about 4 to 8 Cylinders).
  • Product Standby: 6 to 12 Months.
  • Multi-Mode LED Flashlight: Flashlight mode, Strobe Light mode, SOS Emergency Flash mode.
  • Voltage Feedback Protection with MOSFETs.
  • Built-in Overload Protection.
  • Built-in Overcurrent Protection.
  • Built-in Short Circuit Protection.
  • Built-in Overvoltage Protection.
  • Built-in Overcharge Protection.
  • USB Power Output: 5-Volt / 2.1-Amp (1 port).
  • USB Power Total Output: 2 X 5-Volt / 2.1-Amp.
  • Product LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours.
  • Packaging: Frustration Free & Easy-To-Open.
  • U.S. Patented Product.

Source: PowerAll Website.


  • Portable Jump Starter.
  • Lightweight.
  • Includes charging adapters for electronic devices.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to Store.
  • Comes with a carrying case.


  • Not suitable to jump start heavy or bigger vehicles, like trucks.

Final Verdict:

PowerAll Power Bank & Jump Starter is a great multi-functional car jumper appliance kit is the best friend of your 24-volt vehicle. After charging this unit in full capacity, it can serve as many as 20 jumps. And, this kit offers some handy tools, such as, SOS light, reddish flashlight, strobe light, etc. lasting 120-hour duration at least.

The manufacturer has designed exclusive safety protections against, over-current, shot-circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-charge, etc. And last but not the least, PowerAll PBJS16000R can offer you a great service as a portable charger for smartphones, tablets, etc.

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