Performance Tool W1665 Jump Starter 900Amp & Inflator Review 2019

Performance Tool W1665 Jump Starter 900Amp & Inflator Review 2019

What is the advantage to carry a peak jump starter 900 during you trip? The electrical power source of your car can fail for diverse reasons, like: low charge status, drastic temperature change, battery-failure, etc. To be ready for such roadside situations, what you need is an efficient jumping device, like Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump Starter and Inflator. This peak jump starter 900 is a an ideal for jump starting dead batteries. Additionally, you can also use it for tire-inflating situations and charging small electronics devices. Here is detail review about Performance Tool Jump Starter W1665. Hope it Helps!


Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump Starter, Inflator and Portable Power Unit

Main Features of Performance Tool Peak Jump Starter 900:

Powerful Battery Jumper:

Your vehicle battery might fail to hold enough charge or become dead in the middle of a trip. And these things occur frequently. If you have ever encountered such problems, then you know how hectic it can be. You might have the cables, but what happens when there is no one around to help you? Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump Starter and Inflator can be your saver in this situation.

This unit features peak jump starter 900 amp. It can efficient jump-start vehicles, including motorcycles, automobiles, boats, etc. which is run by 12V electric system. This 900 peak jump starter can also compatible with appliances with 12-volt DC batteries (automotive-type). Adding to these, Performance Tool Jump Starter Jump Starter W1665 model offers 400-amp cranking power, when you need to enliven a frozen battery.

Ergonomical Design:

  • Sturdy Case:

It’s smart looking yellow case is made up from Polyethylene. It is impact resistant, heavy duty and portable.

  • Powerful Clamps:

On top of the high amperage rating (900 amp peak), Performance Tool W1665 comes with sizeable gauge wires. Moreover, this car battery jump starter features 500A booster clamps. These heavy-duty clamps are properly insulated that can efficiently minimize the electrocution risks as much as possible. The clamps also have perpendicular sets of teeth making it possible to connect them with the battery terminals easily.

  • Color coding:

Color Coding is properly done on the positive and negative clamps. The plastics are flexible enough and they are able to maintain good temperatures. The clips also offer you several ways and options for clipping the batter.

  • Solid Cables:

The cables are thick enough to jump a vehicle – boat or motorcycle or automobile – with 12V battery power. So, using this cables, you can enliven your vehicle’s dead battery, even if there is no one around to help you. Furthermore, Performance Tool Jump Starting cable’s structure is flexible and solid enough, making it easy to bend even during the cold weather.

What is more, the cable is long enough making it possible to jumpstart a vehicle on it’s front end, like car, or a motorbike, or an automobile, or a boat parked roadside or yard or any other place where it applies.

Sturdy & Portable:

What makes Performance Tool W1665  more user-friendly is it’s portability feature. Unlike the other bulky car jumper units available in the automotive industry, it’s polyethylene case is lightweight (14.9 lbs). The Performance Tool W1665 features a comfortable rubber grip that makes it easy to carry around. Though it comes with a heavy-duty structure, it’s compact design with high-impact rubber-handle makes it easy to carry without putting on additional weight. And, this peak jump starter 900 is easy to place inside your car-trunk.

Built-in Air Compressor/ Inflator:

This performance tool 900 peak jump jump starter comes with a built-in air compressor or inflator. It has a small compartment serving as inflation host storage. It holds a 24-inch inflator hose that can compress up to 300 PSI of air. it’s dial gauge shows the air-pressure. Theres is also an air-compressor switch. You can use it for pumping and inflating tyres, balls, rafts, and air mattresses among other items.

This feature makes Performance Tool W1665 an all-round car jumper device. You can even carry this jumpstarter with air compressor unit to your farm and pump the truck-tires or other farming vehicle tires.

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Smart Charging System:

It bears a smartly designed color-coded battery-charge meter with battery level indicator system. Three LEDs indicate when the battery needs charging. You will always know the amount of remaining-power and when to charge. So, it can be expected you might stuck in situations with low battery-power on very rare instances. There is also the automatic shut off valve that prevents you from excessively charging the battery.

Brilliant Safety Features:

  • Reverse Polarity Warning Light:

It is a great safety feature of Performance Tool W1665. It allows you to desist from connecting the battery in the wrong position. The beep signal and the warning light prevent damaging the battery or harming yourself. It thus acts as a guide for ensuring that you attach the battery in the correct position. It is a durable tool that is going to serve you for many years.

  • Emergency Light:

This peak jump starter 900 comes with a built-in emergency light with a switch. It is a great tool when you need to use this unit for jump-starting or tire-inflating during evening or night or similar situations. Just press the emergency light switch to make it On/Off.

  • Other Add-ons:

Besides these, the Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump Starter and Inflator, bears many other features that assure you safe operations. For instance, it prevents overcharge with it’s color coded battery meter. Moreover, it shows pressure status through the dial gauge. It also bears different switch-buttons like, jumper cable switches (On/OFF), air compressor switch, etc. You can follow the manual to use these features safely.

Performance Tool W1665 Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 14.9 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 12.9 x 6.5 (inch).
  • 900 Amps Peak Jump Starter.
  • 400 Cranking Amp Jump Starter.
  • Built-in Air Inflator 300 psi (for tires, rafts, balls, air mattresses, etc.)
  • Inflator hose: 24-inch.
  • Impact Resistant Sturdy Polyethylene Case.
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid.
  • Battery Power: 12 Volt and 12 Amp-Hour.
  • 7 LED Work Lights (Blue).
  • Reverse Polarity Warning Light.
  • Battery Level Indicators (Three LEDs) Show Charge-status.
  • One USB Port.
  • Two Power Adaptor Outlets: 12-Volt 15-amp Current (Max).
  • Automatic shut-off Valve Prevents Battery Overcharging.
  • Jumper Cables Safety switches (ON/OFF).
  • One 120-Volt/12-Volt Charging Adaptor (UL Certified).

Source: Company Website

Performance Tool W1665 Review: Video


  • Portable Jump Starter Device.
  • Sturdy Construction with smart design.
  • Flexible to work in evening/night.
  • Very powerful to work in frozen weather.
  • The clamps feel and look sturdy.
  • Bright coloured clamps and cables for easy identification.
  • Affordable.


  • It may break down or fray under extreme stress.
  • Battery burn out issue may occur after extended use.


  • Keep this Unit away from direct heating or moisturizing situations.
  • Don’t use the compressor more than 10-min at a stretch. Give it a break(10-min) before another use to let the machine cool-down.

Final Verdict:

This performance tool peak jump starter 900 amp is lightweight and easy to carry around. The cables are four-gauge that are good enough to carry a strong current. On top of that, the cables are long enough, giving you positional flexibility. It is an all-round performance tool, offered at a great price and powerful enough to handle a wide range of situations. If you believe in quality and great performance, then this tool will deliver on all fronts.