DieHard 71688 Peak 1150A Jump Starter w/ 100PSI Air Compressor Review 2022

DieHard 71688 Peak 1150A Jump Starter w/ 100PSI Air Compressor Review 2022

Are you looking for a backup power source for your car, small electronics and other appliances in times of emergencies? Are you looking for a reliable battery source for your camping trips or sporting events? Well, your search ends here. Diehard 71688 jump starter is a resourceful power supply that gives 600 watts of combined AC power for all your needed appliances.

It has 3 grounded type AC outlets for operating portable various electronic devices. It has detachable both light as well as heavy work jump start cables which can be used to recharge the batteries for your cars, boat or any other RV battery source.


DieHard 71688 1150 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter with USB/12V Portable Power Ports and 100PSI Air Compressor

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Key Features of Diehard 71688 Jump Starter:

Powerful Car Jump Starter:

with 18 ampere-hour capacity. This robust 1150-amp Peak Jump Starter can efficiently jump start larger vehicles (with four, six or eight cylinder engines), cars (with lead acid batteries), boats, RV batteries, etc. The Diehard Car Battery Jump Starter comes with heavy duty jumper cables.

Power Outlets & Ports:

The Diehard Car Jumper Unit 71688 offers a balanced combination of six power outlets (two 110-volt AC outlets, two 2.1-amp USB ports and two 12-volt DC outlet).

This jump starter can provide a combined 400 Watts of USB output or 110-volt AC power, or 54 hours of 12-volt DC power. The sheer number of outlets available allow you to use this power source to charge multiple appliances.

  • Power inverter with 2 AC outlets:

Diehard Jump Starter’s built-in AGM battery is attached with the power inverter featuring 400-watt capacity. It bears two AC power outlets (grounded) with a pair of DC power socket. This integrated 400W power inverter can power up two household items, such as, TVs, radios, stereos, PCs, laptops, power coolers, and many other diverse electronic appliances.

  • Handy USB Ports:

Diehard jump starter is provided with a pair of 2.1-amp USB ports. These ports can be used to charge phones, tabloids, GPS or other power tools. These facility makes Diehard 71688 quite useful for outdoor trips. You can carry it during camping.

Built-in Air Compressor – 100 PSI:

The Diehard 71688 has a 100 PSI air compressor attached along with adapter tips. This jump starter cum air compressor can be your savior during roadside tire emergencies. It can also be used for pumping up sports and recreational equipment.

It comes with a radical pressure gauge that indicates the current PSI which ensures you achieve the needed pressure. It’s built-in noozles come handy while inflating sports equipment or bike tires.

Easy Rechargeable Battery:

The Diehard 71688 bears a sealed, spill-proof AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery. It’s built-in charger is eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

You can recharge this internal battery by plugging it into a standard wall outlet, or by using the DC to DC cable or your car battery.

You can also recharge the battery by solar power (connections are not included in the pack). The maintenance free Lead Acid battery will take several hours to get fully charged (120 V AC power). Interestingly, on emergency situation, Diehard 71688 can get recharged through a generator.

Digital Display:

Unlike the usual jump starting devices Diehard 71688 doesn’t come with a digital display in stead of a fuel gauge. You can see the PSI status on this digital readout while inflating tires or goods.

The built-in digital readout also displays the current charge level of the AGM battery. So, you can easily understand how much power is left and when the battery may require charging.

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Built in LED light:

Diehard 71688 not only serves as a car jumping device, but also offers useful service as an emergency tool. How? It comes with a built-in ultra-bright, built-in, pivoting LED light lamp. This device makes sure you are not stuck during night time emergencies.

Safety Measures:

The Diehard 71688 comes with a variety of safety features that include spark resistant clamps, and insulated cables. It’s eco charger provides internal protection system that safeguards the device from overload and high-temperature conditions.

It delivers a warning sound when the jump starting wires are connected wrongly. This LED indicator displays the left out charge of it’s internal battery.


Let’s see what comes inside the box? DieHard portable jump starter device with cables, air compressor hose, compressor hose adapter end unit, Three pieces hose adapter device end, Air Compresor accessory bag, User’s manual

Diehard 71688 Technical Specs:

  • Product 11.5 x 10.6 x 11.9 inches.
  • Product Weight: 21.1 Pounds.
  • Battery Type: SLA (Sealed Lead Acid).
  • Light Feature: LED.
  • Built-in Air Inflator Capacity: 100 PSI.
  • Total AC Outlets: Two.
  • AC Outlets Peak Power: 400 watts.
  • Total DC Outlets: Two.
  • Total USB Outlets: Two.
  • USB-port Power Output: 2.1-Amp.
  • Safety Features: Battery overload protection, automatic USB protection, Hooked up color-coded clamps.


  • Portable, all in one battery and air compressor.
  • Multiple power outlets.
  • Indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Silent operation.
  • Gas & oil free.
  • Fits easily into car trunks.
  • I-year Warranty.

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  • The bulky unit weighs 21.1 lbs.
  • The jumper cables are detachable, and there is no built-in storage for them which can be a potential problem as you could misplace the wires.
  • It is not useful for heavy-duty trucks.


Diehard car jump starter with air compressor unit is not suitable to apply with the sump pumps. Because, a sump pump unit requires a huge energy surge to start.


If you need a standard jump starter with extra features and multiple uses like power plugs and air compressor, this is a perfect choice.The Diehard 71688 is an ideal choice for ample power supply at any time, for all purposes. Highly preferable for automobile owners, outdoor campers, emergency kits, remote construction workers and as a complementary household generator.

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