DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Air Compressor Review 2019

DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Air Compressor Review 2019

Dewalt is a renowned brand for most of the home improvement tools. They have designed a lot of popular models of air compressors for mid-level and some heavy duties. This DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor is one of them. This air compressor has designed to most of the heavy duties. I know most of the customers want to read an honest review before ordering a product. That is why here I am going to share a detailed review of the product. The price of the compressor is under affordable range. Let’s see the core features of the product.


DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor

Key Features of DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor:

Innovative Design:

Unlike the usual compressor models, the DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Portable Air Compressor features an innovative and useful design. It offers three big advantages: easy handing, protecting inner-parts, and saving space.

The DEWALT Compressor is provided with a roll cage. This clever design-concept aims to maximize the protection of this air-tool. The framework of roll cage tries to protect the air-tool’s key parts from any kind of accidental damage. As the controls are placed at inset position from the cage-frame, they are not exposed to accidental-hit on the job-site.

The DEWALT air compressor’s design configuration allows the user to operate or store this unit in the horizontal mode or a vertical mode. The advantage of placing this air tool in horizontal position is that it would lower the center-of-gravity. On the other side,  if the tool is standing on the vertical orientation, then it would be easier for you to pick up the height. The vertical mode comes quite handy when the floor space is available at a premium.

Furthermore, it’s intelligent design helps the user to save the space of storage. In fact, it allows dual options. During the storage of the DEWALT compressor, you can prefer the vertical mode resulting narrow footprints, which would save the space. Besides this, you are free to choose the horizontal mode offering more stability which would also allow you to stack some other materials on the tool surface. It would certainly maximize the efficiency.

Portable & Easy-to-store:

Nowadays, people want a product which is portable and easy to carry. When it is about an air compressor, it is highly needed. That is why this air compressor has been designed with the portability. No matter if your workstation is too small, you can keep the compressor in a corner of the garage. Though it is not a lightweight air compressor, you can carry the compressor with the handle of the compressor. The weight of the compressor is high (39.7 lbs) because it is a heavy duty air compressor. And the weight of the compressor helps it to stay stable during the operation of it.

As mentioned before, the clever design configuration of this air-tool makes it easier to handle. It also aids in portability. The roll cage features smooth-touch sides and handles. This would allow the air-tool to rest at a 4-inch gap from your hands during the transportation. So, overcoming it’s hefty structure, the DEWALT compressor is easy to handle and carry with comfort and flexibility. What is more, this air compressor doesn’t occupy a huge spave, which is an added advantage when you have limited space for storage.

Level of Performance:

This air compressor has designed for high performance. The maximum air pressure of the compressor is 3.0 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI. The maximum air pressure of the compressor is about 200 PSI. So it is able to do most of the heavy duties. You can use this air compressor with most of the air tools. No matter if you have to inflate a car tire or something big, this air compressor will be greatly helpful. This air-tool can use 1.1 Horsepower at maximum.

The high-end system of this air-tool starts the recharging process of it’s tank, if the tank’s pressure-level falls down under 165 psi. This feature not only provides a larger buffer; but also ensure that the users won’t experience shortage of air. Moreover, it’s pump is capable of recharging the tank at around 15% of faster rate comparing to the usual pancake compressors.

Furthermore, the motor-configuration is equipped with a high level of torque, which helps this air-tool to take a comfortable start up. Thanks to the manufacturer, because this feature also allows the DEWALT compressor DWFP55130 to start successfully, even when the weather is too cold, like minus degree temperature levels.

Another great advantage is that you can run this air-tool on an extension cord with a length up to 12 gauge or 50 feet without exposing this compressor to the risk of tripping the circuit breakers. Adding to these, it’s efficient motor draws 12 amps of power only, which also contributes to take an easy start up minimizing the risk of kicking the circuit breakers.

Tank Size:

There is a big air tank included in this air compressor. This tank is able to store 2.5 gallons of air. So it is easy to do continuous duty with this air compressor. Customers who have bought this air compressor are using the unit without any hassle for some big projects. Another thing user love about the product is the durability of this unit. The DEWALT Air Compressor DWFP55130 is one of the most durable air compressors within affordable price-range.


If you search about a high-efficiency air compressor in online, you will find a lot of models which has a little bit noise. It happens most of the time when the compressor has designed for heavy duties. But thanks to DEWALT for this DWFP55130 model. This air compressor makes only 71.5 dB of noise when it is running. This level is quieter than most of the heavy duty air compressors. For instance, it creates about 50% lower noise than most pancake compressors.

This level of noise is acceptable for home use or garage use. There is no disturbance of the compressor for the other members of the family. It is also perfect to use in a place which is surrounded by walls. Interestingly, this quiet compressor won’t hide the voices, when the co-workers talk during working, which is really amazing!

Usage Area:

Some customers have complained about the price. But if you compare the price of the air compressor with the features of it, you will realize it is one of the best deal. This DEWALT compressor DWFP55130 model is provided with two quick couplers, which can easily support two tools, like two nailers. There are lots of airing tasks area can be covered with this air compressor. The user can use this air compressor with brand nailer, Pneumatic stapler, framing nailer and tire inflator. This DEWALT DWFP55130 air compressor is also able to give a better performance with most of the other air tools.


If you think about the maintenance process of the air compressor, you will be heavy. This DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor needed maintenance occasionally. The pump of the compressor is oil free. That means there is no need of changing the oil. So you need less maintenance with this air compressor. The only thing you should do to keep fit the compressor is to keep it clean and dust free.

You would he happy to know that it’s shroud is provided with a cord wrap which facilitates in easy and safe storage. There is a high flow regulator, which further enhances this DEWALT Air compressor‘s level of performance. Another handy feature is the tank bears the ball drain valve that helps to drain the tank properly in the least possible time. You have got to drain out the tank perfectly to keep the air-tool in a good condition.

Ease of Use:

Though its seems like that this DEWALT DWFP55130 Compressor model is difficult to use, due to it’s hefty structure, actually this is one of the easy operating air compressors in the market. The rubber legs helps the tool to maintain balance. There are gauges in the compressor which will help you to check the pressure of the compressor. So the user will be able to use the perfect pressure for a perfect airing task. The gauges are clean and easy to read. This is helpful for any new user. No matter if you are totally new with an air compressor. After reading the manual of the product, you will be able to use it.

Technical Specifications:

  • Drive System: Belt.
  • Horsepower: 1.1 HP at Max. 
  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric
  • Power Requirements: 120 Volt, 60HZ, 8 Amp, Universal Motor.
  • Pump Speed Rate: 2,300 RPM.
  • Maximum Level of Pressure: 200 PSI.
  • Performance Level at 40 PSI: SCFM 4.0
  • Performance Level at 90 PSI: SCFM 3.0
  • Tank Size: 2.5 GAL
  • Noise Level: 71.5 dBL
  • Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 17.4 x 13.8 inches.
  • Product Weight: 39.7 lbs.


  • Most affordable heavy duty air compressor in the market.
  • Able to perform with most of the air tools.
  • Easy to store at the job site or at home.
  • Oil-free pump for less maintenance of the compressor.
  • This air compressor operates with a quiet process and the maximum noise level is only 71.5 dbl.
  • There are two outlets in the compressor for dual use of it.
  • Low amp rating.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • The weight of the compressor is a little bit higher than most of the products.

Final Thoughts:

You can use this DEWALT Air Compressor‘s DWFP55130 model for a vast area of air tasks. It’s intelligent design configuration makes it easy-to-carry as well as easy-to-store. This quiet compressor is compatible for home and indoor use. It’s oil-free tank requires less maintenance.

This durable air compressor is able to give the best performance for many years, if cared properly. And, it takes easy start even in the unfavorable weather situations. Therefore, if you wanna own an all-rounder compressor, go for the DEWALT DWFP55130 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor model. Hope this review was helpful for you. Feel free to share with a friend who would love it.