Best HVLP Spray Gun Reviews 2022

Best HVLP Spray Gun Reviews 2022

The term “HVLP” refers to “High Volume Low Pressure”. Now an “HVLP spray gun” is a special kind of paint sprayer gun, which can deliver a high volume of air keeping the level of pressure at a low rate. The HVLP guns out win the competitors by efficient coverage over surface minimizing overspray. HVLP spray guns are compatible with both indoor and outdoor use.

In this article, we are gonna discuss the best HVLP spray gun reviews 2022 picked by our editor. Later we presented a buyer guide of HVLP paint sprayer gun. Hope it helps!

Best HVLP Spray Guns 2022 – Editor’s Chosen

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Corded Hvlp Paint Sprayer, 120 Vac, 5 A, 510 W, 80 Cfm, 2.7 Psi, Multicolor

If you are looking for a versatile paint spray gun for multi-purpose works, – like woodworking projects, priming works, staining or painting furniture and cabinets, etc. – then consider Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP spray gun. This paint sprayer is highly effective for both professional works and DIY projects.

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Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Corded Hvlp Paint Sprayer, 120 Vac, 5 A, 510 W, 80 Cfm, 2.7 Psi, Multicolor.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Paint Sprayer works on HVLP technology, which supplies the air at a high volume under low pressure for atomizing the paint materials into fine spray particles. This mechanism also gives a smooth silky finish to the spray particles at a fast rate.

You can use this Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max 0518080 with diverse materials. This paint sprayer gun is equipped with a dual stage turbine. This mechanism assists in painting the walls and other kinds of surfaces using latex paint or any thinner material such as lacquers, poly or stain.

You can never expect a fine finish from an HVLP paint sprayer unless it features efficient flow control mechanism. The Wagner Spraytech HVLP spray gun 0518080 has a pressure control dial featuring variable air pressure control technology which can manage the air pressure ranging from 1.50 psi to 2.63 psi.

This HVLP gun also bears a material flow adjuster. Depending on material viscosity, it’s system offers three types of spray patterns. You can measure the material density using the provided viscosity cup. The spray nozzle has an air cup. Just turn the cup’s air simply to create patterns vertically, roundly or horizontally on the basis of your prices applications.

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP paint sprayer contains two big air filters, which prevent dust and debris particles from ruining the finish. This high-end system facilitates this HVLP spray gun in providing the desired excellent finish without overspray.

This Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP gun bears a heavy-duty structure. It is provided with a 20 feet long hose, which would conveniently reach the desired locations without creating hand fatigue. Moreover, the design and shape of hose allows the user in placing this HVLP spray gun squarely towards the surface.

The front-end side of this HVLP paint sprayer gun has a Lock-n-Go system which would assist you in change the material fast without much effort. The kit also includes 1-1/2 quarter plastic cup along with a 1 quarter professional grade metal cup.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Wagner Spraytech
Part Number Control Spray Max
Item model number 0518080
Tool Type HVLP Paint Sprayer Gun
Item Weight 11.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 18.5 x 12 x 12 inches
Pattern Types Three
Size Control Spray Max
Color Multicolor
Material Multi
Shape Circular
Power Source ac/dc
Voltage 110 volts
Pressure Level 1.5 to 2.63 PSI
Hose Length 20 inches
Turbine Type Two Stages
Certification N, certified frustration-free
Special Features Washable
Included Components Sprayer, Metal Cup, Plastic Cup, Hose, User Manual.
Warranty Description 1 Year

REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, 500 Watt High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun, 3 Nozzle Sizes, Lightweight, Easy Spraying and Cleaning, Perfect for Beginner

Are you scared about DIY painting/spraying on the household furniture? The famous brand Rexbeti has brought the ultimate-70 HVLP paint spray gun for the beginners. This is also a great spraying tool for professionals.

This REXBETI ultimate-750 HVLP paint sprayer comes with a 1000ml container. Unlike the average sprayers, Ultimate-750 can accommodate a considerable amount of paint materials. So, buying this HVLP paint spray gun you can get rid of the frequent refilling issue.


REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, 500 Watt High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun, 3 Nozzle Sizes, Lightweight, Easy Spraying and Cleaning, Perfect for Beginner.

Rexbeti built Ultimate-750 is one of the electric paint sprayer guns available on the market in 2022. This tool is very handy for homeowners. Using this hvlp paint spray gun, you can paint interior walls, tables, chairs, crafts, fences, car shutter, diverse wooden furniture, etc. it promises fine and smooth finish without any risk of overspray.

Just plug this tool in a power outlet and start the painting job. The Ultimate-750 works with 120-volt and 500-watt electric power connection. Weighing less than four pounds, this HVLP paint sprayer gun is lightweight and easy to carry.

REXBETI HVLP Spray gun Ultimate-750 offers three kinds of spraying patterns, including Circular, horizontal, and vertical. Furthermore, this sprayer gun is equipped with three sizes of nozzles. The 2mm or 2.5mm nozzles are great for thin paints like varnish, sealers, etc. You can use the 3mm nozzle while working with other kinds of paints like milk, chalk, latex, etc.

This high-end Rexbeti HVLP spray gun is equipped with an efficient flow adjusting mechanism. Using the provided flow adjustment knob you can control the paint output. Depending on the job like edges, broad surface, corners, etc. you can adjust the rate of flow.

This Ultimate-750 Rexbeti HVLP paint sprayer gun is user-friendly for all users, including novice, senior citizens, etc. Clever design and sturdy construction make this tool easy to disassemble and assemble. The packed cleaning attachments make the cleaning task quite effortless.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a 6.6 feet long cord with this HVLP paint spray gun. This extended cord would allow you in moving the tool comfortably within a vast working space. What is more? Rexbeti HVLP spray gun Ultimate-750 features a detachable design which makes it both highly manageable and easy to clean.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Rexbeti
Part Number 5841835844
Tool Type HVLP Paint Sprayer Gun
Item Weight 3.65 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.8 x 5.5 x 11.4 inches
Item model number 5841835844
Style REX004
Voltage 120 volts
Wattage 500 watts
Spray Pattren Horizontal, Vertical & Circular
Nozzle Sizes 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm
Power Cord Length 6.6 Feet
Container Size 1000 ml

HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Power Painter, Home Sprayer Tool Painting, HVLP Spray Gun Projects

When you are looking for a home paint sprayer for DIY projects, look for a lightweight HVLP paint spray gun. Now we are gonna introduce you with the Home Right Finish Max C800766.


HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Power Painter, Home Sprayer Tool Painting, HVLP Spray Gun Projects.

Weighing less than three pounds this hvlp paint spray gun is very compatible for the homeowners. While working, you can hold this tool for a long period without exhaustion. Certainly, this paint sprayer highly comfortable, fast and efficient compared with any traditional painting tools, like brush, roller, etc.

Though being lightweight, the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 paint sprayer’s paint containing capacity features about 27 ounces. So, you don’t need to stress about refilling the paint material frequently.

The C800766 Finish Max is equipped with a turbine motor featuring 400-watts of power. It doesn’t require any battery. You can use this hvlp paint spray gun for diverse projects like furniture refurbish, wood painting, Crafts, cabinet remodeling, dressers, etc. What is more? The manufacturer claims that the Finish Max provides a factory like smooth finishing.

The C800766 Home Right Finish Max kit comes with a bunch of accessories, like the spray gun (Finish Max), Viscosity Cup, air nozzle, and cleaning brush. The Brass sprayer tip features 0.08 inches. This HVLP gun is equipped with a flow control knob. Utilizing the knob, you can control the pattern of spray ranging from one to six inches of width.

This HomeRight HVLP paint Sprayer gun amazed us with it’s versatility. With this sprayer gun, you can use different types of paint including, enamels, polyurethane, chalk type, varnish, milky, primers, stain, latex, clear sealers, etc.

What makes the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max more user-friendly is it ergonomic design. You don’t need to be pro for using this paint sprayer. It’s set up process is quite simple. You can spray the paint without much effort. Moreover, this HVLP paint sprayer gun is easy to clean. This HVLP paint spray gun comes with a two-year warranty.

Technical Specifications:

Brand HomeRight
Part Number C800766
Item Weight 2.76 pounds
Product Dimensions 5 x 9 x 12.5 inches
Paint Holding Capacity 27 Ounces
Item model number C800766
Color Painting Projects
Style Finish Max
Material Brass
Wattage 400
Included Components Finish Max, 27 oz. Viscosity Cup, Air Blow Nozzle, Cleaning Brush
Warranty Description 2-year limited warranty

Hvlp Paint Sprayer 800ml/min, Electric Spray Gun with 3 Spray Patterns, 4 Nozzle Sizes, Adjustable Valve Knob, Quick Refill Lid and 900ml Detachable Container

The Tacklife SGP15AC HVLP Paint Sprayer is the best tool for painting/spraying household furniture and elements, like fences, tables, chairs, exterior walls, corridor, wooden toys, etc. The homeowners can use this tool for daily work.

What makes the Tacklife HVLP Paint Sprayer SGP15AC standing out from the average grade paint sprayers is it’s intelligent four patent design. This hvlp spray gun is built with PA6-GF30 grade plastic  material. the provided 5.9 feet cord makes it more user-friendly.


Hvlp Paint Sprayer 800ml/min, Electric Spray Gun with 3 Spray Patterns, 4 Nozzle Sizes, Adjustable Valve Knob, Quick Refill Lid and 900ml Detachable Container.

The patented check value system aims to check fluid backflow issue. Thus it prevents the paint from creating any blockage. The patented trigger mechanism can efficiently control both the rate of air flow and the nozzle switch. The patented fast refill lid saves you time and effort from unscrewing the canister while adding paint materials. The patented sealing clip would help you in disassembling the spray gun for cleaning purpose.  

This HVLP paint spray gun features a 900ml container. It’s exclusive heat emission design keeps the turbo motor safe during the painting or spraying job. What is more? This hvlp paint sprayer gun is blessed with a smart nozzle selector which allows you to use three different kinds of spray patterns – horizontally, vertically and circularly.

The Tacklife HVLP Paint Spray Gun SGP15AC offers four nozzles built with plastic and copper. The plastic nozzles come in 3 sizes (2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm). These multiple nozzles give you the opportunity to choose the most compatible one considering the type of operation.

The 1-3/16 inch sized plastic nozzle is fittest for exterior walls, escalators, corridors, ground surface, fences, etc. the other two plastic nozzles are perfect for boats, garage doors, yard furniture, railings, window frames, etc. the exclusive copper nozzle features 1mm or 13/32-inch size, which is very suitable for fine spray operations, like desks, crafts, chairs, any kind of wooden toys, etc.

This Taclife HVLP spray gun works through a clever mechanism. Here the airflow is divided into two different parts. The first part of airflow pushes the paint material towards the nozzle. And, the second part of airflow atomizes the paint particles. Moreover, this tool is equipped with a “spray width lever” which regulates the level of air pressure around the nozzle and canister for controlling the spray width.

Wanna push out the paint fast? Turn down the level of viscosity for creating enhanced pressure inside the canister. When you prefer a superb fine finish, turn up the viscosity coating level to increase the atomizing power.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturing Brand Tacklife
Item Weight 4.25 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 12 x 5 inches
Size SGP15AC
Wattage 400 watts
Current 3.3 amps
Water Flow Rate 800ml/min
Maximum Viscosity 70 Din-s
Maximum Air Pressure 0.1-0.2 Bar
Nozzle Material Copper and Plastic
Plastic Nozzle Size 3 sizes: 2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm
Copper Nozzle Size 1mm
Container Size 900ml
Spray Patterns 3 Different Types
Cord Length 5.9 feet
Spray Distance 25~35CM
Special Features  Flow Control knobs, Heat Emission Design, Detachable
Packed clean attachment Cleaning Needle; Cleaning Brush.
Included Components Spray Gun; 900ml Container; Funnel; 4 Spray Nozzles; Packed clean attachment; User Manual.
Warranty 24 Months Warranty

Paint Sprayer, TECCPO 500 Watts 800ml/min HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun with 1300ml Detachable Container, 3 Pcs Copper Nozzles & 3 Spray Patterns, Adjustable Valve Knob for Home Decoration & DIY

Are you are on the search for a high capacity electric paint sprayer? If yes, then don’t miss the Teccpo TAPS02P HVLP Paint Sprayer. It’s tank capacity features about 1300ml, which is bigger than the similarly priced competitors. It saves you from the nuisance of frequent refilling the tank with paint materials.


Paint Sprayer, TECCPO 500 Watts 800ml/min HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun with 1300ml Detachable Container, 3 Pcs Copper Nozzles & 3 Spray Patterns, Adjustable Valve Knob for Home Decoration & DIY

The Teccpo TAPS02P HVLP paint Spray Gun out wins the similarly priced competitors with the provided three copper nozzles. While working with thin paints – such as sealers, lacquers, varnish, stains, urethanes, etc. – you can choose either 1.8mm or 2.6mm sized copper nozzles. The 3mm sized copper nozzle would work fine for the other kinds of pains – like latex, milky, etc.

This TAPS02P sprayer is suitable to use with different kinds of coating materials, including primers, Water and/or solvent-based paints, wood sealer-preservatives, finishes, dual-component paints, automotive finishes, staining sealers, clear finishes, etc. However, this hvlp paint spray gun is unsuitable for coating materials acidic paints, latex paints (higher viscosity), alkali, etc.

Another exclusive feature of this Teccpo HVLP Paint Sprayer is the powerful 500-watt motor generates greater horsepower. It can deliver paint material at the rate of 800ml per minute. And the maximum level of viscosity reaches up to 100 DIN-S.

The TAPS02P HVLP paint sprayer features copper core built motor which offers greater conductivity with lesser resistance. This copper motor emits less amount of heat compared with the average grade sprayers who bear copper-aluminum clad motors. It’s sturdy construction maintains a proper working temperature and promises durability.

You can adjust this TAPS02P HVLP paint spray gun for three different types of spray patterns, like circular, horizontal, and vertical. What is more? You can control the rate of paint flow through the adjustable paint speed regulating knob. Furthermore, it’s metal built valve core saves you time and effort for disassembling.

Using this handheld HVLP gun you can paint/spray on the broad surface areas as well as narrow spaces, like corners and edges. TAPS02P sprayer gun is also great for spraying on shutters, wooden furniture, wooden toys, fences, etc. Moreover, it’s 6.56 feet long power cord offers you added advantage while working in a large scale working space.

Weighing a little over four pounds, TAPS02P is quite easy to hold. It’s rubberized handle grip makes this HVLP paint sprayer more user-friendly. The accessories include Spray Gun, Canister
Funnel, Cleaning Brush, and 3 Spray Nozzles.

Technical Features

Manufacturing Brand Teccpo
Part Number 2698980873
Size  TAPS02P 
Item Weight 4.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.9 x 10.2 x 5.3 inches
Item model number 2698980873
Size Paint Sprayer
Color Paint Sprayer 500Watts with 1300ML Detachable Container
Style paint sprayer
Material ABS
Shape Gun Type
Power Source ac
Voltage 110 volts
Wattage 500 watts
Extension Length 6.56 Feet
Fluid Flow Rate 800ml/min
Maximum Viscosity 100 DIN-S
Spray Patterns 3 (horizontal, vertical & circular)
Nozzle Sizes 3 PCS (1.8mm/2.6mm/3.0mm)
Nozzle Material Copper Nozzles
Canister Size 1300ml
Special Features Detachable Canister, Dust Filter, Easy Set Up, Easy Cleaning.
Usage home work applications home exterior, interior walls, shield
Included Components Spray Gun, Canister, Funnel, Cleaning Brush, 3 Spray Nozzles, User Manual.
Warranty 24 Months

Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun, 600 cc Aluminum Cup, 2.0 mm nozzle

So far we have reviewed the top-rated best hvlp spray guns 2022. If you are still waiting for a cost-effective HVLP paint sprayer with a simplistic design, go for the Neiko 31216A HVLP Spray Gun.


Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun, 2.0 mm Nozzle Size, 600 cc Aluminum Cup, 2.0 mm nozzle.

This Neiko HVLP spray gun features a heavy-duty structure made of standard quality stainless steel material. This tool weighs less than 3 pounds. So, during working, you can easily hold this tool for a long time with no fatigue.

The kit comes with a 2mm nozzle built with rust-free stainless steel. The provided brass cap promises is sturdy and durable. It would deliver heavy-duty performance for many years.  

What makes the Neiko HVLP spray gun 31216A unique from the other paint sprayers is the fluid delivery design. This spray gun is equipped with a gravity feed system mechanized by three valves. You can adjust those valve knobs for controlling the flow of paint materials.

The 31216A Neiko paint spray features 40 PSI level of operative pressure. It’s working pressure is maintained at 10 PSI. The average rate of air consumption reaches up to 4.5 CFM.

You can use this Neiko HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun 31216A for diverse applications, like painting/spraying on automotive parts, household furniture, metallic surface, walls, primer, etc.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing all the necessary accessories inside the kit. Buying the Neiko HVLP spray gun 31216A you would get a covered aluminum cup with a capacity of 600cc or 20.3 fl.oz. The kit also offers a metallic regulator or air gauge, a brush for cleaning and a multiple-sized wrench.

This spray gun’s handle features a tethering trigger design. You can put the right pressure over the handle for releasing the desired amount of fluid. The aluminum cup can hold and release up to the 600cc amount of paint materials at one time. It leaves no spills which keep your task clean. After finishing the operation you can clean the gun with the provided brush.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturing Brand Neiko
Product Dimensions 8.9 x 5.8 x 4.9 inches
Item Weight 2.91 pounds
Tool Type Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun
Power Source Air-Powered
Part Number 31216A
Nozzle Size 2 mm
Cup Fluid Amount 600 cc (20.3 fl. Oz)
Operation Pressure 40 PSI
Working Pressure 10 PSI
Average Air Consumption 4.5 CFM
Special Feature Adjustable Valves
Warranty One Year

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How to Buy the Best HVLP Paint Sprayer?

Why Buy HVLP Paint Gun?

  • Multipurpose use:

HVLP paint sprayer guns are widely popular among the consumers for their versatility. You can apply these guns for diverse professional projects related to furniture finishing, home improvement tasks, architectural Coating, automotive painting, boat painting, high-quality painting works, etc.

  • Less Overspray:

Overspray indicates to the wastage of paint materials. The smart mechanism of an HVLP spray gun can minimize the risk of overspray. Comparing with the other type paint spray guns, the HVLP paint sprayer allows the least amount of paint wastage.

  • Better Performance:

Generally, a standard HVLP paint sprayer gun features about 80 to 90 percentages of paint transfer rates. An excellent rate of Transfer Efficiency can assure the improved performance of an HVLP spray gun.

  • Healthy Choice:

An HVLP spray gun delivers a less amount of pressure (about 10 psi pressure per nozzle) featuring a lesser amount of overspray. What is more? An HVLP paint sprayer leaves the least amount vaporized paint. It minimizes the risk of inhalation of spray output.

What Factors to Consider Before You Choose an HVLP gun?

Before spending your hard earned money, know what to look for in a standard quality HVLP paint sprayer gun.

  • Transfer Rate:

For high-quality professional painting tasks, the quality of spray prevails over it’s quantity. That is why the HVLP paint sprayer guns are highly popular among the consumers for detailing paint jobs.

Generally, a standard HVLP paint sprayer gun features about 80 to 90 percentages of paint transfer rates. A high rate of transfer prevents wastage of paints through overspray. So, buy an HVLP spray gun featuring a high rate of transfer.

  • Air Compressor Vs Turbine Fed:

HVLP spray guns generate air through either turbine or compressor. The budget HVLP sprayer guns are equipped with a built-in turbine operated paint system. These type of paint sprayers are cost-effective and portable.

On the other hand, the advanced level HVLP spray guns are compatible with an external air compressor. This type of HVLP spray gun can offer improved performance through fine spray along with smoother finishing. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-powered HVLP paint sprayer for professional applications, then go for a compressor fed HVLP spray gun.

  • Painting Quality:

If you wanna perform the spraying task with a smooth finish, check out the spraying pattern of your spray gun. Look for a paint sprayer featuring firm spray pattern.  It would assist you in making a standard quality finish preventing excess overspray. Try to avoid the budget hvlp spray guns bearing plastic tips, as those guns might risk into poor quality finishing.

  • The viscosity of Painting:

Before you buy a paint spray gun, don’t forget to check it’s material viscosity. Usually, before applying paint materials go through a thinning process for smooth operation with better coverage. Some standard quality hvlp paint sprayers can spray materials efficiently without thinning. The magic lies into high-powered turbines as well as top quality needles and tips. Unthinned spraying task can save you both precious time and effort. 

  • Spraying Speed:

Do wanna finish the painting task quickly? Now, how fast an HVLP gun can deliver paints depends on it’s spraying speed. So, don’t forget to check the spraying speed before buying an hvlp paint gun.

  • Sprayer Tip:

The sprayer tip has great contribution upon the volume of paint when you spray over any surface. If you choose an HVLP gun with a small tip, it would release painting at tiny amounts. Conversely, HVLP gun with larger sprayer tip would deliver paint at a greater volume.

What is more? The type of painting pattern depends upon the sort of sprayer tip. Consider what pattern of painting best suits your project. It would help you in determining the precise sprayer tip. Then buy the right hvlp sprayer gun which can fulfill your need.

  • Needles & Tips:

The cheap HVLP sprayer guns come with plastic made needles and tips. These type guns might do the job but can’t deliver smooth finishing. If you want a perfect finishing to choose the HVLP sprayer guns that come with brass made needles and sprayer tip. These type of guns can deliver top quality painting for professional projects.

  • Feed Type:

Generally, an HVLP paint spray gun features a cup-like attachment on the upper portion, which is termed as Gravity feed. Though Gravity feed makes an HVLP gun a little bit pricier, it delivers efficient performance in the long run. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective paint sprayer offering better performance, buy an HVLP paint sprayer with Gravity feed.

On the other hand, some paint sprayers come with cup attachments on their bottom, which is called Siphon Feed or conventional Feed. This type of paint sprayers is comparatively cheaper. You can apply a Siphon Feed sprayer for any small-scale painting project.

  • Nozzle Size:

Not all sizes of the nozzle can work with all type of paint sprayers. For instance, thick pains work with large nozzles; whereas, small nozzles suits to thin paints.

First, know the requirement of your painting project. Then, pick which kind of nozzle would be suitable for your desired quality painting. Then, pick the right HVLP paint sprayer that complies with your desired size of the nozzle.

  • Adjustable Controls:

You can apply an HVLP spray gun for diverse applications like painting a door, car, boat, cabinets, etc. However, each particular type of painting job would require a completely special set up depending on the sort of spray pattern, level of thickness, flow controlling mechanism, etc.

So, it would be wise to buy an HVLP paint sprayer gun which offers adjustable control which allows the user to change the set up without much effort.

  • Integrated Storage:

It would be a messy situation if you can’t find the nozzle or hose before starting the spraying task. To avoid such unwanted circumstances, pick the HVLP spray gun which is provided with an integrated storage facility for nozzle and hose. This small addition would not only make the kit portable but also easy-to-store.

  • Heat Dissipation:

The mechanism of an HVLP spray gun produces hot air for drying out the paint output fast. The modern HVLP sprayer guns are equipped with efficient heat dissipation mechanism, which makes the painting task safer, convenient and eco-friendly. However, the inclusion of this advanced technology can make an HVLP paint sprayer a little bit expensive.

  • Noise Reduction:

As we have mentioned before, the compressor fed HVLP spray guns provide better performance. But the noise level created by the compressor can disturb your neighbors or surrounding locales. So, pick an HVLP paint sprayer which offers a modern air cap for reducing the level of noise.

  • Safety:

Inhaling paint materials is risky for human health. Adding to this, the paint particles can enter your eyes, if you don’t use a mask during spraying. HVLP paint sprayer works with low pressure allowing minimal overspray. This mechanism creates comparatively less amount of vaporized paint. A standard HVLP spray gun can save you from inhaling too much-vaporized paint particles.

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