Best Grease Gun Reviews 2022

Best Grease Gun Reviews 2022

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Top Grease Guns 2022- Chosen by Editor

DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

If you are looking for portable grease gun featuring a high-powered motor, don’t miss the DEWALT DCGG571M1 cordless grease gun. It is a handy tool for both DIY projects and professional use.

This Dewalt DCGG571M1 runs on battery power. This 20-volt grease gun can work with any 20-volt battery unit regardless of ampere-hour (AH). You can choose a 20V battery with desired AH considering how much runtime is required. The kit includes a 20-Volt MAX XR 4Ah Premium Lithium-Ion Battery.

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DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun.

After every charging session, this grease gun can exploit 16 cartridges at maximum. This extensive run time makes this Dewalt cordless grease gun efficient for outdoor use. You can carry this portable lubricating gun from one place to another without the hassle of power connection or frequent charging.

DEWALT lubricating gun DCGG571M1 features 10000 psi level of operating pressure at maximum. Moreover, it’s high-capacity pump can deliver high-flow lubrication at 5 oz. per minute. The built-in air-bleeder valve aims to facilitate the pump in fast priming when you refill cartridge.

This Dewalt battery grease gun is blessed with a trigger mechanism for variable speed control with precision. For professional use, you can utilize it’s bulk lubrication feature at the capacity of 16 oz.

While reviewing the Dewalt cordless grease gun DCGG571M1, we got amazed by it’s handy features. Applying the built-in LED light, you can easily lubricate any hard to visible area of your machine’s grease fitting.

What is more? The Dewalt DCGG571M1 lubricating gun’s pump is designed with a filter screen addition for preventing contamination. Filtering out the dart and debris, this clever design protects the pump mechanism from getting clogged.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a 42-inch long flex hose with this Dewalt DCGG571M1 grease gun. It would assist in lubricating hard to reach sections of the grease fittings.

This Dewalt cordless lubricating gun can comfortably sit over a leveled surface with help of it’s integrated leg design. Additionally, the built-in handle and provided shoulder-strap would make this tool easy to move.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturing Brand Dewalt
Part/Item model number DCGG571M1
Product Type Cordless Grease Gun
Item Weight 14.8 pounds
Product Dimensions 23.5 x 4.3 x 13.4 inches
Bulk Lubrication Capacity 16 oz
Maximum Flow Rate 5 oz/min
Cartridge Capacity 14.5 oz
Max Cartridge Per Charge 16
Maximum System Voltage 20 Volts
Power Source Battery-Powered
Battery Requirement 1 Lithium-ion battery (included)
Torque 1400 in-lb
Hose Length 42 inches
Head Style Flat
Measurement System Metric
Certification Energy Star
Special Features Variable Speeds
Included Components Grease gun, 20V MAX XR 4AH Premium Li-Ion Battery, Fast charger, Shoulder Strap
Extra Features LED Light, Handle, Pump Filter
Warranty Description 3 years (Limited warranty)

Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun Bare Tool

Here comes another cordless grease gun built by Milwaukee. The most exclusive feature of Milwaukee 2646-20 grease gun is it’s double speed mechanism. This smart design would allow you to opt between the maximum level of pressure and maximum rate of flow.

The Milwaukee cordless grease gun 2646-20 is equipped with a potent motor which can create operating pressure up to 10,000 psi at maximum. This potent grease gun can deliver lubricant at the maximum flow rate of 10 oz per minute.


Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun Bare Tool.

You would love it’s preset grease counter which would assist in releasing precise volume of lubrication. This patent-pending attribute is a new invention in the field of lubricating gun tools. This highly effective for the service providing and maintenance professional.

This cordless grease gun is operated by battery power. It runs on a single 18-Volt M18 REDLITHIUM Battery provided with the kit. This gun can run by any M18 battery. What is more? The Milwaukee 2646-20 appears as the solo 18-volt lubricating gun available in the industry whose battery can work with a range of tools.

The Milwaukee 2646-20 lubricating gun out wins the competitors with it’s 48-inch long hose pipe. This extended hose can assist the user in reaching the remote parts of the grease fittings during the lubrication process. The LED light would help you in carrying out the lubricating process precisely in the dark.

You can utilize up to 10 cartridges before you charge the battery of this Milwaukee 2646-20 grease gun. Moreover, it’s well-designed pump has an air-bleeder valve. This feature helps out the pump in priming each time you change the cartridge.

You don’t need to be a pro for using the Milwaukee 2646-20. This smart grease gun is blessed with a smart trigger mechanism featuring Lock-on and Lock-off feature. Furthermore, this lubricating gun bears a marked plunger rod, which measures the left amount of lubricant inside the barrel. What is more? The provided high-pressure coupler makes the lubrication process easier.

Milwaukee 2646-20 is a very handy tool for DIY applications and professional projects. Weighing about 9.25 pounds, this battery operated Milwaukee grease gun features superb portability. This tool offers great performance both outdoor and indoor. Furthermore, you can easily carry the Milwaukee 2646-20 cordless grease gun DCGG571M1 using the provided shoulder strap.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturing Brand Milwaukee
Part /Item Model Number 2646-20
Tool Type Cordless Grease Gun
Item Weight 9.25 pounds
Product Dimensions 3.8 x 19.7 x 9.2 inches
Power Source battery-powered
Maximum Pressure Level 10,000 PSI
Maximum Volume 10 oz/ minute
Max Cartridge Per Charge 10
Maximum System Voltage 18 Volts
Power Source Battery-Powered
Battery Requirement 1 Lithium ion battery (included)
Hose Length 4 Feet/ 48 inches
Measurement System Metric
Included Components grease gun, 175+ M18 REDLITHIUM Battery, 48 inches flex hose, grease coupler
Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion

Lincoln Lubrication 1844 18 Volt Cordless Grease Gun with 2 Batteries

The Lincoln 1844 cordless grease gun is famous for it’s high-powered 18-volt PowerLuber batteries. The 18-volt battery is a new addition to the PowerLuber family, which is powering up the Lincoln tools for more than a century.

Lincoln PowerLubar’s 18-volt battery is highly efficient for heavy-duty operations. This powerful battery can provide no less than thirty percentages of extended life after charging session.


Lincoln Lubrication 1844 18 Volt Cordless Grease Gun with 2 Batteries.

The Lincoln cordless lubricating gun 1844 can utilize about 10 lubricant cartridges after one session of charge. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a high-torque powerful motor which assures reliable performance in challenging situations.

Now, what’s the specialty of the PowerLubar driven grease gun unit? It features a double-speed transmission process. This modern technology allows the user to choose between high-pressurized or high-volume lubrication outputs.

It won’t be overwhelming to say that the Lincoln 1844 PowerLubar’s design features the potentiality of dual tools in a single body. This lubricating gun is simple to operate. When you touch this lubricating gun’s control button, the system offers two options.

If you choose the option of high-volume, the grease gun would dispense lubricant at a high flow rate under a medium level of pressure. The Lincoln 1844 grease gun is capable of delivering 10 oz. lubricant per minute at it’s maximum capacity.

Conversely, when you prefer the high-pressure output option, the system would release the lubricant through concentrated flow at a high level of pressure. The Lincoln grease gun 1844 can create up to 7500 psi pressure at maximum.

What is more? The Lincoln grease gun 1844 unit is blessed with a smart safety mechanism. It features double protection against overload. Adding to these, the built-in combination valve eliminates the trapped air with superb efficiency.

The Lincoln 1844 lubricating gun features a comfy grip. Moreover, this tool comes in a compact carry case. You can easily transport this cordless grease gun from one place to another. It’s battery-powered mechanism relieves you from the hassle of power connection during outdoor lubricating applications.

Technical Specifications

Brand Name Lincoln Electric
Model/Part Number 1844
EAN 0095992100937 , 0021111834285
Tool Type Cordless Grease Gun
Product Dimensions 23.1 x 14.5 x 4.2 inches
Item Weight 16.0  pounds
Hose Length 36 inches
Maximum Flow Rate 10 oz/min
Maximum Pressure 7500 PSI
Maximum Cartridge Per Charge 10
Included Components Grease Gun, 2 Batteries, Charger
Exterior Finish Smooth
Material Zinc-Plated Steel
Power Source Battery-powered
Voltage 18.00  volts
Battery Cell Type Nickel Cadmium
Warranty Description Repair Only

Alemite 500-E Grease Gun, Develops up to 10,000 PSI, Delivery 1 oz./21 Strokes, 16 oz. Bulk or 14 oz. Cartridge, with 18″ Hose and Coupler, 3-Way Loading

If you prefer a handheld manual grease gun under budget, consider Alemite 500-E Grease Gun. Headquartered at Fort Mill, South Carolina, US, Alemite is producing standard tools and appliances combining superb quality with advanced technology since 1918. The Alemite 500-E Grease Gun is a new addition to their grease gun series.


Alemite 500-E Grease Gun, Develops up to 10,000 psi, Delivery 1 oz./21 Strokes, 16 oz. Bulk or 14 oz. Cartridge, with 18″ Hose & Coupler, 3-Way Loading

Unlike the portable guns, the Alemite 500-E Grease Gun is compatible with versatile applications including heavy-duty commercial projects, professional applications, DIY works, etc. This lever action grease gun is highly efficient in lubricating standard grade grease fittings found in industrial machinery, aeronautics equipment, construction gears, motor vehicles, etc.

The Alemite 500-E comes with a sturdy cylinder featuring 16 oz. capacity. This liver action grease gun is capable of releasing lubricant at 10,000 psi level of pressure per square inch. The rate of flow is 1 oz. per 21 strokes. This smart lever powered grease gun is blessed with a bleeder valve. It prevents the system from creating excessive pressure over the cylinder.  

Alemite 500-E lubricating gun stands out from the other type grease guns through it’s convenient loading options. The system allows the user to load lubricant in this gun in three ways. You can opt suction method. You can add 14 oz. cartridge and replace it with a new refill after use. Besides these, you can refill grease to the cylinder using an Alemite grease loading pump.

Weighing only 0.16 ounce, the Alemite-500E out wins the other kind of grease guns in the race of lightweight design. You would love the Alemite 500-E grease guns simple and user-friendly design. The head portion of this gun is built with die cast aluminum material which makes this tool very lightweight but durable. The vinyl covered lever bottom makes this tool comfy to grip.

The Alemite 500-E is provided with a, 18-inch hose along with a coupler. This lever action lubricating gun is operated manually, so you don’t need to incur further cost of power connection or battery.

Technical Specifications

Part Number 500-E
Brand Name Alemite
UNSPSC Code 40000000
Tools Type Lever Action Grease Gun
Power Source Manual
Product Weight 0.16 Ounce
Cylinder Capacity (Max) 16 oz.
Max Pressure 10,000 PSI
Rate of Flow 1 oz. per 21 stroke
Head Material Cast Aluminum
Lever Cover Vinyl
Loading Method Cartridge, Suction, Refill
Special Feature Bleeder Valve

LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun

Nobody likes to see a messy space. If you are looking for a manual grease gun which is highly suitable for lubricating grease fitting in the cleanest way, then go for the LockNLube lever grease gun.

The LockNLube was the first Company who amazed the world with their innovative leak-proof grease guns. The LockNLube Lever Action Grease Gun holds this legacy with it’s smart mechanism, user-friendly design, and sturdy construction.


LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun

Let’s highlight the Specialty of Loop-and-Lock Design. This patented Loop & Lock design presents a leak-free mechanism for lubricating guns. When you lock a LockNLube coupler on the grease fitting, it’s efficient structure won’t allow any kind of leakage.

 Moreover, after locking the coupler you can easily pump the gun manually. You won’t require any outside force like power connection or battery to push out the lubricant.

The LockNLube grease gun outperforms the competitors with it’s intelligent leak prevention mechanism. The manufacturer claims that the LockNLube grease coupler won’t go off under the immense pressure of the lubricant storage.

What is more? The LockNLoop features a clever storage design, which keeps the grease coupler clean and safe when the grease gun is stored after use.

The LockNLube lever operated grease gun comes with a standard quality 20-inch long hose. This extended hose features an inline- swivel which facilitates in rotating both the hose and grease coupler without rotating the lubricating gun. The built-in air-bleeder valve keeps the pressure of the cylinder under control.

The LockNLube Lever Grease Gun can deliver one ounce of lubricant per 28 strokes. It can create up to 10,000 PSI pressure at the maximum capacity. The cylinder can be loaded in three methods. You can insert the cartridge, or carry out the suction process. What is more? This gun carries a bulk loading port which allows bulk refill of lubricant inside the cylinder. Choose the convenient option which suits you the most.

Don’t bother wasting your money for buying a new grease gun, if the coupler’s rubberized seal get wear out due to heavy-duty usage. The kit comes with a spare rubber seal for the gun’s grease coupler.

Technical Specifications:

Brand LockNLube
Item Weight 3.9 pounds
Package Dimensions 15.5 x 5.4 x 2.8 inches
Item model number 5824092127
Manufacturer Part Number LNL151
Maximum Operating Pressure 10,000 PSI (690 Bar)
Flow Rate (strokes per oz.) 21
Hose Length (inches) 20
Outlet Thread Size 1/8″ NPT
Cylinder Capacity 16 oz.
Cartridge Capacity 14.5 oz.
Loading Options Cartridge, Suction, Bulk
Includes bulk load port and air bleeder valve? Yes
Also Includes LockNLube® Grease Coupler, Coupler rebuild kit, In-line hose swivel
Warranty 1 year

Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

Here comes another grease gun built by Lincoln. If you need incessant grease supply along with superb control over the flow, try the Lincoln 1162 is an air-operated lubricating gun. Lincoln 1162 is highly effective for industrial machinery and automotive applications.

Best Air Grease Gun

Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

Lincoln 1162 won’t require any battery. This grease gun is operated by air power. What makes the Lincoln 1162 exclusive from other types of grease guns is it’s precise lubricant flow controlling method. This pneumatic gun is blessed with a variable speed control trigger mechanism.

This Lincoln 1162 grease gun features an automatic mechanism. It’s efficient speed controlling mechanism can provide a continuous flow of lubricant. This pneumatic gun’s air pressure ranges from 40 to 150 pounds per square inch.

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Lincoln 1162 bears a steel built sturdy tube with a bulk capacity of 16 oz. This gun is compatible with the standard 14-1/2 oz capacity of cartridge. You can load grease inside the tube in three ways. Those are cartridge insertion, bulk refilling or suction process.

Lincoln 1162 comes with a heavy-duty pump featuring advanced level patented design, which doesn’t need to waste time for any kind of priming. It is capable of delivering lubricant at the pump-ratio featuring 150 pounds per 1 square inch. The maximum pressure of grease flow can reach up to 6000 psi at maximum.

The provided 30-inch long flex hose can resist high pressure. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a hose coupler along with an attachment clip, which makes the lube points easy to reach.

Moreover, this gun structure bears a check valve, filler nipple, bleeder valve, male air nipple, etc. All of these attachments and accessories contribute to performing lubrication process effectively.

The Lincoln air grease gun 1162 is a handy tool for DIY projects, as well as professional applications. For instance, using this grease gun you can lubricate the parts of vehicles like truck, car, lawn mower, etc.

As the pump features highly controllable relentless flow performance, this pneumatic gun appears quite handy for lubricating the standard grease fittings found in industrial equipment.

Weighing 5.6 pounds the Lincoln is easy to carry. Furthermore, the handle portion is designed like a pistol grip which makes this gun easy to operate.

Technical Specifications

Brand Lincoln Electric
Model LIN1162
Tool Type Air Operated Grease Gun
Item Weight 5.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 8.2 x 2.8 x 18 inches
Tube Material Steel
Pipe Length 1-1/2″
Pressure Ratio 40:1
Hose Length 30 inches
Included Components Filler Nipple and Bleeder Valve, Male Air Nipple and Hose Attachment Clip
Air Inlet Size  ¼-inch FNPT
Max. Operating Pressure 6000 psi
Bulk Capacity 16 oz.
Features Fully Automatic, Continuous Operation and Variable Speed Trigger
Grease Gun Loading Method Cartridge, Bulk, Suction
Air Input Range 40-150 psi
Grease Gun Handle Style Pistol Grip
Cartridge Capacity 14-1/2 oz.
Grease Type Up to and Including NLGI Grade 2 Greases
Nozzle Extension Type Flex Hose

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun with Whip Hose and Rigid Pipe

So far we have discussed battery powered grease guns, lever operated grease gun and air powered grease guns. If you are still waiting for an easy-to-operate manual grease gun, then hold your breath. Now we are gonna introduce you with Lincoln 1134 Pistol Grip Grease Gun.


Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun with Whip Hose and Rigid Pipe

The Lincoln 1134 is equipped with a trigger mechanism. Using only on hand, you can push the trigger for releasing the lubricant over grease fittings. It’s efficient mechanism won’t create any pressure over your hand.

Don’t worry about the unintended release of lubricant, as this grease gun is blessed with a jam-resistant toggling system. It can prevent the plunger from getting bind accidentally. What is more? This grease gun bears a sturdy follower spring that assists in positive priming. It also assures continuous priming action.

The pump head of this lubricating gun is built with rugged cast material featuring durable and strong construction. Thanks to the manufacturer for proving a snug-fitted tough plunger which prevents the leakage of grease. Moreover, it can check scoring which makes this tool durable.

This Lincoln 1134 grease gun is equipped with a variable stroke mechanism which is capable of delivering high-volume of lubricant. It can also create an extended pressure. it’s maximum pressure level can reach up to 7500 psi. This lubricating gun also bears an accessible check valve. Now you can clean the gun quite easily without disabling it’s parts. 

The Lincoln 1134 lubricating gun is highly compatible with professional applications. This gun’s structure comes with all necessary add-ons including an 18-inch long flex, coupler, and a firm tube. You can load grease in three methods; those are bulk loading, cartridge insertion, and suction process.

This Lincoln Lubrication gun 1134 weighs only about 3.9 pounds. This grease gun comes with a compact and simple design, which makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Drake Off Road
Model LIN1134
Tool Type Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Item Weight 3.9 pounds
Product Dimensions 7.7 x 16.1 x 2.8 inches
Item model number LNC 1134
Max Pressure 7500 psi
Hose Length 18 inches
Components Grease Gun, Flex Hose, Bleeder Valve, Coupler
National Stock Number 4930-01-499-2131

Lnchett Grease Gun, Premium Pistol Black 16 Inch Flex Hose, 2 Reinforced Coupler Included

Are you on the search for a heavy-duty grease gun for garage use, which can supply a constant flow of lubricant? If yes, then don’t miss the Lnchett Grease Gun, Premium Pistol LN909 model. This grease gun can disseminate lubricant through the automotive-joints like blood circulation. Using this grease gun you can efficiently lubricate the grease fittings of your car, truck, lawn mower, motorbike, bicycle, etc.


Lnchett Grease Gun, Premium Pistol Black 16 Inch Flex Hose, 2 Reinforced Coupler Included

Lnchett Grease Gun features sturdy construction. The barrel is built with a reinforced aluminum anodized steel barrel. This gun bears a shiny appearance with an elegant look.  The sleeve portion of the barrel is covered with a rubberized layer. This sleeve helps the user to grip the tool firmly, even if the surrounding area gets oily and slippery.

The Lnchett lubricating gun comes with a cozy rubber handle. This pistol grip handle is easy to grip. It can efficiently undergo huge leverage for long hours. Adding to these, Lnchett grease gun comes with a 16-inch long flex hose, along with two reinforced Couplers.

You may know that spring quality is one of the most significant criteria that decide the efficiency of a grease gun. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a standard spring inside the grease barrel. This grease gun can deliver 4500 psi at maximum.

Featuring second generation built-up, this spring appears thicker and sturdier than average quality springs. This potent is spring is capable of creating a constant overwhelming pressure upon the plunger. It also saves the flex hose from getting jammed by the lubricant.

What is more? This Lnchett grease gun is provided with a robust and durable plunger. It’s heavy-duty construction can pump out the grease fast without much effort. Furthermore, the unbendable structure of it’s plunger prevents the lubricants from getting clogged inside the pipe during the trigger pulling actions.

Discharging air from the tube is an essential part of the lubrication process. The Lnchett grease gun is equipped with an air-outlet valve mechanism. This valve helps to release the trapped air from the tube when you load lubricants in the grease barrel and pump into the gun-head. After pressing the air-releasing valve you can easily start lubricating.

Technical Specifications

Brand Lnchett
Tool Type Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Item Weight 3.05 pounds
Package Dimensions 16 x 6 x 2.8 inches
Hose Length 16 inches
Barrel Material Anodized Aluminum
Item model number Grease Gun, Premium Pistol
Maximum Pressure 4500 psi
Manufacturer Part Number LN0909
Included Components Grease Gun, 16” Flex Hose, Dual Couplers

How to Buy the Best Grease Gun for Money

Why Use a Grease Gun?

The main purpose of a grease gun is to lubricate any moving part of a machine for reducing friction and inducing smooth action. Grease guns are applied for a variety of functions ranging from DIY to commercial.

  • Automotive Vehicles:

Lubricating guns are used for the grease fittings of lightweight trucks, heavy-weight trucks, and large commercial trucks. The grease fitting includes drive shafts, various U joints, etc. The sport utility vehicles also require lubricating on a regular basis. Marinating a proper Lubrication routine not only assists the vehicles to run smoothly but also keep their fittings sound for many years.

  • Agriculture Equipment:

Some agricultural types of machinery and equipment have moving parts which need regular greasing for smooth operation and longevity without frequent maintenance.  Grease guns are required in the agricultural machinery like tractors, vacuum pumps, lawn mowers, bailers, compressors, etc.

Battery powered cordless grease guns are widely used for lubricating agricultural equipment. Nowadays, you would find a range of lubricating guns specially made for agricultural purpose.

  • Lawn Mowers:

Grease guns are also handy for lawn mowers. You might experience trouble in lubricating the fittings placed on the back-side of your lawn mower’s spindle. A lubricating gun can make this task easier. It can lubricate the hard-to-reach places like axle pivot of the grease fitting. Besides this, the pedal bottom of your lawn mower also requires proper greasing for efficient operation.

  • Chain Saw

Chainsaws have bar nose sprockets, which need lubrication. A chainsaw saw specific grease gun comes with a piercing end which can efficiently lubricate the saw’s bar nose bearings. Proper greasing makes this tool operate smoothly.

  • Industrial Machineries & Factory Equipment

Diverse factory equipment and industrial types of machinery require greasing in their regular maintenance routine. The advanced types of machinery feature ball-check mechanism for preventing internal jams by the darts/debris. A lubricating gun can easily reach those remote places for routine greasing operation. However, you need proper technical knowledge for handling the gun’s high pressure during the greasing operation.

Types of Grease Gun

  • Pistol Grip Grease Gun:

Did you play with a toy pistol in those childhood days? If yes, then you would love the pistol grip operated grease gun. Like a pistol, this trigger operated lubricating gun can be operated through one hand only. If you prefer a small lubricating gun with convenient use, pick a pistol grease gun operated by the trigger mechanism.

It is the best grease gun for DIY projects. While pushing the trigger, you can opt among various speed levels depending on your lubricating-need. These pistol grip guns are widely used by people for their simple and effortless operation.

  • Lever Action Grease Gun

The lever-operated lubricating gun is one of the most available and highly popular grease guns. It triggers grease through a lever operated by two hands at a time. All you need to do is pull the lever with two-hands to create enough pressure for pushing out the grease from this lubricating gun. For cautions against mess, make sure the nozzles and hoses are connected and placed properly.

The length and speed of stroke would control the amount of grease dispensed by the gun. A slow stroke would generate lesser pressure and a smaller rate of flow comparing with a faster stroke. However, using a lever-action lubricating gun for a long period can be inconvenient and tiresome. Lever operated grease guns are less suitable for professionals. It is best for homeowners, who would use this tool not very often.

  • Cordless Grease Gun

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable lubricating gun, go for a cordless grease gun. The cordless grease guns are operated by rechargeable battery-power, so you can easily escape the limitation and/or nuisance of supplying power through hose/cord. It features a low-voltage operation with consistent pressure. Using a cordless grease gun you can apply grease easily without tiring your hands.

Though a battery-powered grease gun may offer fewer features compared with the other type lubricating guns, it offers you the freedom of movement. You can carry this cordless tool while moving in different workplace. In simple words, a battery grease gun is best for outdoor use, where no electric port is available. However, don’t forget to charge the batteries properly, before applying a cordless grease gun; otherwise, it might get shut-off in the middle of work.

  • Manual/Hand Pump Grease Gun

Compared with other type lubricating guns, a hand pump action grease gun is less popular among the consumers for it’s complex mechanism. However, if you are a pro, then a hand pump operated grease gun can give you the desired output.

A handheld grease gun is equipped with a pump attached to it’s upper section. Usually, this pump is portable and small in size. When you operate this pump, the air enters the gun’s cylinder and creates considerable pressure over the interior ambient. Then, the gun can dispense out grease.

Hand pump grease guns are not only powerful but also versatile. They can deliver grease more accurately comparing to other type lubricating guns. That is why handheld grease guns are best for professional applications.  They are also great for DIY projects if applied with proper technical knowledge.

  • Air Powered Grease Gun

If you are looking for a lubricating tool for commercial use, check out the air powered grease guns. Unlike the aforementioned – pistol, cordless, manual or lever – lubricating guns, an air grease gun is inappropriate for domestic use. Rather, it is highly potent for industrial applications.

To dispel grease, you need to connect the air operated grease gun with an air compressor through a cord/hose. As the compressor can supply a huge amount of pressure, the air grease gun can deliver a huge amount of lubrication required for the heavy-duty machinery in the factories.

However, operating an air powered grease gun requires accurate knowledge and right precautions; otherwise, it can damage the seals and bearing shields or even can wind the electric motor. The air grease guns are quite noisy, which can disturb the neighboring areas. As an air lubricating gun is extremely powerful, it comes with a higher price tag.

What Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Grease Gun?

  • Greasing Purpose

Grease guns are used for lubricating the moving parts of vehicles, trucks, lawn mowers, tractors, chain saws, compressors, etc. Not all type of equipment require the same level of pressure while greasing. Another question is how frequently would you use the grease gun? Depending on the specific purpose and workload, the type and feature of grease guns vary.

The portable grease guns are suitable for machines used in outdoor activities. Low-tier or medium tier hand operated lubricating guns would work fine for DIY projects. While air powered heavy-duty grease guns are appropriate for professional and commercial applications. So, pick the right grease gun which complies with your precise need.

  • Power Source

Lubricating guns vary depending on their source of power, like battery powered, hand operated, and air powered. If you want a grease gun for rare use in DIY projects or home improvements tasks, then a hand powered lubricated gun would be fine.

But, in the industries and factories, high-powered air grease guns are required for lubricating the grease fitting of heavy-duty machinery. Battery powered guns are handy when you need to move freely from one place to another for lubricating tools and machinery. Besides the commercial use, the air-powered grease guns are also suitable for professional use.

  • Pressure PSI

The grease guns featuring high pressure can create a high rate of flow for lubricating a larger area in less time. While their low-pressure grease gun counterparts are capable of dispelling grease more accurately on a specific area.

If you are looking for a grease gun for lubricating household equipment like, washing machine, dishwasher, small tractor, lawn mower, etc., then you can pick a grease gun operating at 5000 PSI air pressure. For commercial use, the level of pressure of a lubricating gun should be at least 10,000 PSI. However, if you need to apply to grease for versatile projects, then choose a lubricating gun featuring pressure variety.

  • Accuracy

While lubricating the greasing fitting of a household machine, you can be a little bit flexible in the matter of accuracy. But for professional projects and commercial use, pinpoint the level of accuracy is expected to run the machine efficiently.

So, it is wise to pick grease guns that offer attached hose for lubricating hard-to-reach spaces. What is more? Grease guns featuring narrow stream can perform better for greased on the exact target location.

  • Safety

When grease guns are built in the United States, European countries, and Canada, they go through a tough safety certification process during their manufacturing stages.  Some standard lubricating guns offer safety lock feature which can save your kids from dispelling lubrication from a grease gun accidentally. Before buying any grease gun, make sure it complies with proper safety standards.

  • Fittings

While buying a grease gun compatible with your need, it is essential to check the fittings. And, grease gun fitting can be divided into four types.

  1. Standard Hydraulic: This type of fitting is widely used in air grease guns. It is suitable for convenient operations.
  2. Pressure Relief Vent: This type of fitting can prevent the mechanism from creating too much pressure inside the gun cylinder. It can prevent the seal for untimely damages.
  3. Button Headed: It can dispel a considerable amount of lubrication. This type of fitting can grease the connectors properly.
  4. Flush Type: It is the smallest one. This kind of fitting is perfect for lubricating compact equipment or any machine which is spaced on a limited space.
  • Couplers/Adapters

There are mainly four types of adapters.

  1. Standard Hydraulic: This type of adapter is very common and highly preferable for standard operations.
  2. Three Jaw Swivel: It is the most versatile kind of adapter, which suits well with a range of fittings. It can be adaptable as per need.
  3. 90-degree or L-shaped: This adapter’s L-shape makes it appropriate for restricted sections.
  4. Needle-End: This type of adapter features a thin and long shape, which can be applied for reaching a narrow space.
  • Accessories:

1. Grease Meter

It is essential to apply the right amount of grease for lubricating a bearing properly. Inappropriate greasing leaves the risk of not only wrecking the bear but also damaging the whole equipment. To escape such catastrophes, buy a grease gun which comes with a grease meter gauge.

The grease meter would accurately measure the dispensed quantity of grease. And, you can see the reading on the display. The standard grease guns feature digital grease meters offering several unit conversions.

2. Dust Proof Plastic Caps

The effect of dust and debris can hamper the contact resistance leading towards the corrosive effect. When your gun is covered with a dustproof plastic cap, it can prevent the dust attack.

3. Needle Like Grease Injectors

When your grease gun comes with a needle-like grease injector, it offers an added bonus for lubricating the hard-to-reach areas. A standard needle injector gets a nice fit with any hand action grease gun. Usually, a needle injector comes with a plastic sleeve for safety reason.

  • Ease of Use

Who wanna buy a complicated tool? While buying a grease gun, don’t forget to check it’s usability; otherwise, it might cost you time and effort. Smart design details can contribute to making a grease gun more user-friendly.

For instance, standard grease guns come with LED light which helps the user in performing the lubrication task in the low light situations. Furthermore, some models feature extended hose which facilitates the gun in reaching remote places. Some grease guns feature an anti-slippery rubberized sleeve along their barrel. These clever design additions make the grease guns more user-friendly.

  • Hose Type: Fix of Flex

1.Fix Hose:

This type of hose is perfect when you are using both hands for operating the lubricating gun. So, fixed tube/hose is required in the lever action grease guns as well as pump operated grease guns.

2. Flex Hose:

It works great, while you are using one hand for holding the tube/hose in the right position and the other hand for operating trigger. Flex tubes are compatible with the pistol operated grease guns, battery-powered cordless grease guns, and air powered grease guns. It is perfect for dispelling grease on the remote spots.

  • Cartridge Capacity

Not each grease gun features the same level of cartridge capacity. You need to pick the right lubricating gun offering adequate cartridge capacity considering your specific greasing purpose.

For instance, when you wanna lubricate the grease fitting of a lawn mower or dishwasher, a grease gun featuring 3-ounce cartridge capacity would be fine.  For commercial use, get grease guns that offer at least 14 ounces of cartridge capacity.

  • Amount of Lubrication Output per Stroke

Both over-greasing and under-greasing situations could harm the grease fitting of machinery or vehicle. So, pick a grease gun which can deliver the right amount of lubrication per standard number of strokes. Lubrication output per stroke indicator of a grease gun is calculated by calibrating the average output level of ten continuous strokes.

However, the amount of lubrication per stoke differs from one-type grease gun model to another depending on their mechanism. But in general, the level of output per stroke ranges within 0.5 gram to 3 grams. So, choose the right model of grease gun which can deliver your desired amount of lubrication per stroke.

  • Loading Method

If you are ready to buy a massive volume of grease, then you can load a grease gun through suction loading. In this method, you need to create organic pressure for leading oil in the lubricating gun. Buying bulk grease is cost-effective. However, the suction process can create a messy situation, if not handled carefully. An inconvenient oil loading process can be irritating, as you have to face this issue every time, whenever you attempt to load oil.

If you prefer a cleaner and easier method for loading oil, go for cartridge loading. This method has no risk of mixing new grease with the leftover of old grease. However, cartridge loading requires you to put a little more pressure than suction loading. And, it is a comparatively expensive grease loading method.

  • Portability & Size

Not all grease guns come in the same size and weight. Lubricating guns used for the commercial purpose might be heavy-duty and bulky. For personal use, hand-operated pistol grip or liver action grease guns are easy to handle.

When you need to move from one place to another with your lubricating gun for greasing purpose, a portable grease gun would be a convenient choice. The battery-powered cordless grease guns are compact, light-weight and portable.

  • Self-priming

Some advanced level lubricating guns are blessed with Self-priming feature. It can deliver lubricating oil with a continuous rate of flow. It not only makes the greasing process convenient but also assists in handling the gun quite easily. If you wanna keep a consistent control over the lubrication output choose a grease gun with auto speed trigger. 

  • Warranty

Any mechanical device can break down unexpectedly. So, it is wise to buy a lubricating gun which comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, we have presented our editor’s picked best grease guns 2022 under different categories including battery-powered portable grease guns, lever operated grease guns, air power grease guns, and pistol grip grease guns. You can view the comparison table to check out the top grease guns 2022 at a glimpse.

Later, in our grease gun buyer guide section, we discussed how to buy a lubricating gun, In this section, we also highlighted the pros and cons of each type of grease gun. We hope our discussion would help you to find the best grease gun for the money.

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