ARB (CKMTP12) 12V Twin Motor High Performance Portable Air Compressor Review 2019

ARB (CKMTP12) 12V Twin Motor High Performance Portable Air Compressor Review 2019

What if you are in the middle of the road and you need to inflate the tire of your truck? You don’t have to fall in disgrace if you have a reliable compressor at that moment. Here we are going to introduce you to the ARB CKMTP12 Twin Motor High Performance 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor. It is an all-rounder air compressor bearing great efficiency for different types of works. It is capable of surviving the demanding as well as harsh outback conditions. This article provides a detailed review of the product. Hope It helps!


ARB CKMTP12 12V Twin Motor High Performance Portable Air Compressor

KeyFeatures of ARB CKMTP12 Air Compressor:

Twin Motor Configuration – Quiet:

There are not too many air compressors in the market who come with the dual motor system. You would be happy to know that the ARB CKMTP12 Twin High Performance 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor model is equipped with Twin Motor configuration. This ARB Portable Compressor is able to operate at 6.16 cubic feet per minute at no load which is quite impressive. Furthermore, the twin motor energy excels the capacity of this machine at 4.65 cubic feet per minute at 29 PSI.

The twin motors feature water sealed construction. And both are equipped for ball bearing up to 100%. The motors are provided with a unique linear type brush preloading mechanism. It assures low-level heat creation, gives the product a longer lifespan. However, you may think that it’s dual motor might create great noise. But it won’t. Because, there is an Anti-vibration or sound deadening system, which is integrated with the mount. This exclusive feature earns the ARB CKMTP12 the honor, as one of the high-performance air compressors in the market.

Portable & Compact Design:

When a customer spends a good amount of money, he wants most of the pro features in the product. If you order this air compressor, you will get the best deal for sure. Though it is a high-efficiency air compressor, it is highly portable. No matter if you want to carry the compressor from job site to job site. This unit is very easy to carry. The style of the compressor is like a briefcase.

The weight of the compressor is only 33 pounds. This weight is lower than most of the high-end products. There are some hidden compartments in the carrying case of the compressor. This compartment allows the users to store the other accessories in it.


Usually, the high-end products needed more maintenance than the average units. But thanks to this ARB CKMTP12. There are two splash-resistant air filters located inside of the compressor. Users can easily wash them. They also contain bronze filter cartridges which are easy to use and maintenance. Because of bronze cartridges, they need to clean very often. They are not like most of the average products. You can use the compressor for a long time with a little bit of care.

Safety Mechanism:

As it is a high performable air compressor, so it becomes hot after a long time usage. To keep cool the compressor, there is a DC cooling fan into the ARB CKMTP12 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor. This fan is greatly helpful to keep the compressor cool even in the extreme usage. It makes sure the longevity of the unit.

The motor of the ARB Twin Motor Portable Air Compressor is equipped with mounting brackets. This motor allows airs to circulate the whole compressor. As a result, the hot air goes outward and the compressor remains safe. There are no complaints about the power leakage of the compressor. Most of the customers have rated the compressor as one of the safest air compressors.

This heavy-duty 12-volt air compressor tool is equipped with two hefty Maxi-Fuses. They aim to provide protection for the in-line circuit as well as true circuit redundancy if any fault occurs. Furthermore, it’s electrical system is equipped with pressure switch & relay system that can prevent the run-on, if the tool is not active for filling. It also combats any kind of damage to the hose or compressor itself, when pressure is produced from a kinked up airline.

Don’t worry if your car breaks down in the way when it is dark. This compressor Illuminated isolating switch makes it easier to see and work at night. It also prevents hazardous sparking when you attempt to join an alligator clip to a battery terminal.

Adding to these the ARB CKMTP12 is provided with an Over-pressure safety valve which offers a backup safety from cases like, pressure switch failures, thermal over pressure generation (hot vehicles), accidental connection with an external source of high-pressure.

Versatile Usage:

The ARB CKMTP12 12V Twin Motor High-Performance Portable Air Compressor can deal with a variety of tools. This versatility makes this air compressor popular among the professionals as well as homeowners. This air compressor is able to give a high flow of air for airing tires. There is an aluminum air tank in the compressor. This tank provides 135 to 150 PSI which is enough to use the compressor with most of the air tools.

This air compressor is providing 100% duty circle. Most of the airing tasks can be done with this air compressor without any hassle. You can use the compressor even to inflate a truck tire. Inflation accessories kit includes a range of accessories. Those are high-flow Tyre filler attachment, integral stop-valve, Schrader valve adaptor and other nozzle attachments to inflate varieties of items like sports ball, air mattress, etc.

High-efficient Construction:

Though is portable air compressor is light-weight, it bears a sturdy structure built with high capacity engineering grade materials, which include aerospace as well as military standard components. These sealed components feature resistance from moisture as well as dust. Furthermore, this tool’s cylinder bores are built with a Hard-anodized material. The carbon fiber made piston is infused with PTFE (Teflon) which reduces the friction and maximizes trouble-free usage of this portable compressor.

The ARB CKMTP12 12V Twin Motor High-Performance Portable Air Compressor product goes through dyno-testing in Australia before coming to the market. The case of the compressor is also waterproof. Besides this, all of it’s replaceable components are easily available.

Flexible & Universal:

This portable air compressor is compatible with air travel. It’s carrying case is equipped with an Air travel equalizer valve that helps this machine combating the cabin pressure crush during the moment of landing. Besides the ARB CKMTP12 Compressor is safe for water transport. This amazing air compressor’s carry-case comes with a waterproof seal in the lid. What is more, the volume of this carry-case assures that it would be able to float if dropped into the water.

Extra Accessories:

There are very few air compressors in the market which provide some extra toolkits with the compressor. This ARB CKMTP12 12V Twin Motor High-Performance Portable Air Compressor has come with a lot of extra accessories. These items are mostly built following the US industrial standard. Here goes the list.

  • Waterproof carrying case
  • 20-feet hose (abrasion, corrosion and heatproof)
  • Canvas organizer
  • Inflator
  • Blowgun with air fittings
  • Illuminated compressor isolating switch
  • Wiring loom & alligator clamp battery contacts (automotive grade)
  • Pressure switch
  • Relay control circuit (automotive grade)
  • Two air filters (splash resistant) & sintered bronze filter cartridge (washable).
  • Inflation accessories kit: high-flow Tyre filler attachment, integral stop-valve, Schrader valve adaptor and additional nozzle attachments.
  • Operating manual.

Two Year Warranty:

It is quite rationale that when we buy a costly product, we consider the issues like product warranty. Thanks to the manufacturer that unlike the average portable compressor the ARB CKMTP12 12V Twin Moto High-Performance Portable Air Compressor offers about two years of warranty. So, you can think about a quality investment here.


  • This air compressor is very easy to store and carry.
  • There several extra accessories included in this air compressor.
  • Waterproof carrying case to carry it with the safety.
  • Able to do most of the heavy duty air tasks.
  • Easy to use for home, garage, and other job sites.
  • 20′ Air hose included working different types of tasks without moving the compressor.
  • The air pressure range of the compressor is 135-150 PSI.
  • There are 2 years of manufacturer warranty on this product.


  • This unit is one of the most expensive air compressors in the market.
  • Weight is a little bit higher than the average weight of air compressors.

Bottom Line:

If you have enough budget for the air compressor, you can go for the ARB Twin High Performance 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor (CKMTP12) without any doubt. This model is one of the great product from ARB. Customers have a complaint about the product price. But if you compare the features of the product with the price, you will realize the real thing.

This one has some amazing and unique features and that is the reason of price. If you have to do a lot of heavy airing tasks, this one is recommended. On the whole, this ARB CKMTP12 air compressor is one of the most exclusive air compressors in the market. Though the price of the compressor is a little bit high, this one is popular with the customers.